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In-Wall Stereo Audio Home Theater Speaker 2-way 2X5.25 Wooers+Rotating Tweeter

In-Wall Stereo Audio Home Theater Speaker 2-way 2X5.25 Wooers+Rotating Tweeter
In-Wall Stereo Audio Home Theater Speaker 2-way 2X5.25 Wooers+Rotating Tweeter
In-Wall Stereo Audio Home Theater Speaker 2-way 2X5.25 Wooers+Rotating Tweeter
In-Wall Stereo Audio Home Theater Speaker 2-way 2X5.25 Wooers+Rotating Tweeter

In-Wall Stereo Audio Home Theater Speaker 2-way 2X5.25 Wooers+Rotating Tweeter   In-Wall Stereo Audio Home Theater Speaker 2-way 2X5.25 Wooers+Rotating Tweeter
From regular and Hi Tech speakers to Hi End home cinema equipment. I had, and still have a. Passion to receive the most natural sound that can be provided by an electronic device. Have led me to create the L. Audio in wall speakers line so I can give the perfect. Experience to my costumers, why should I have all the fun? IN WALL-NEW DESIGN- N0 FRAME-MAGNETIC GRILL-PAINTABLE.


DIMENSIONS: 427mm X 184mm X 88mm. WALL CUT OUT DIMENTIONS: 393mm X 150mm.



With a reinforced propylene woofer membrane and a high quality rubber ring and oversized magnets, they enable a more natural and accurate sound. The highest purity copper voice coil wire enables a more precise performance, and the high heat resistance lacquer coating guarantees the longest term use. They have a strong aviation grade aluminum tweeter membrane in optimal size. The tweeters have a rotating design due to it's powerful neodymium magnets and an on board front access (models 2525&2650) sensitivity selector that creates balanced and a near to perfect sound filed.

A modern and elegant design of frameless (you see grill only) front look having metal and magnetic grills, only 0.2 inch (5mm) thick. We offer model IC-NF-650-AT with two shape grills square and round both included at no extra cost you can choose from in order to match your interior design. We offer you counselling in order to help you achieve the perfect sound that you have imagined and are looking for. We offer a literal setup guide that is included with the speakers as we deliver it to you.

You can also find YouTube videos that shows graphicly how to set up your new in wall speakers and how to improve your room acoustics. Search words: "How to install in wall speakers", "How to improve room acoustics". Audio in wall speaker highlights.

Audio in wall speakers has. Voice coil wire with high heat resistance lacquer coating. Extremely strong aviation grade 1 inch (25mm) aluminum tweeter membranes. Audio in wall speakers has modern frameless front look design with magnetic metal and.

Front grills and very low 0.2 inch (5mm) thick footprint. Square and round (model IC-NF-650-AT only). Delivered at no extra charge. For the best chosen look to match your interior design. We (as far as I know) are the only brand to offer this.

Audio in wall speakers can be installed in up to 35mm thick dry or wooden walls. Audio in wall speakers include superb quality crossover electronic components and heavy duty metal spring amplifier input connectors with.

+3db, 0db, -3db tweeter sensitivity selector (models 2525 &2650) to match different acoustic environments. Search "You Tube" for installation instructions under.

How to install in wall speakers. The story of the materials we use to build the L. The woofer is made of a membrane, coil, outer ring, metal chassis, and a magnet that drives the whole constellation. The goal - a lightweight, strong membrane that does not make a sound itself, does not "break down", does not absorb moisture and dust, and does not accumulate weight over the years. The chosen material is carbon-fiber-reinforced propylene. The ring should be durable for decades (not spongy), airtight, and strong enough to withstand the load. The chosen material is high-quality rubber.

The coil should be made of heat resistant material and the copper wires with which we create the coil should be as clean as possible with high quality, insulated, heat resistant lacquer coating. We chose a 99.99% copper purity wire. The Tweeter also has a membrane, coil, magnet, etc.

Here, too, there is a large selection of materials from which the membrane could be manufactured, such as different types of cardboard, silk or various grades of fabric, titanium, aviation aluminum, beryllium (horribly expensive) and more. Zero-weight, extremely powerful aviation aluminum. This is a material used to produce tweeter membranes on the world's most expensive speakers. Why is it so important?

Imagine a symphony orchestra, dozens of violins, violas, and other stringed instruments, brass and percussion instruments, cymbals, and triangles all playing together. Every item in the technical specification affects the final sound.

I chose the best materials and only then posed the question: "How much does it cost" and not the other way around. Directional tweeters - why is it so important? The frequency distribution is extremely wide within the low-frequency ranges, but as we go up in frequency, the frequency beacon closes until it becomes extremely directional. The recessed speaker is fixed on the wall on which it is mounted and cannot be tilted inward like regular floor speakers. The solution is to install adjustable tweeters that we can twitch several tens of degrees in each direction to create a perfect acoustic field where the listener sits.

Therefore, we needed to use small yet very powerful magnets for the tweeters and we, therefore, chose expensive NEODYMIUM magnets that hold a very strong magnetic field on one hand while having a small physical volume on the other hand. This is how we achieved directional capability and high audio volume. AUDIO speakers are not a shelf product, they are not offered to any other client in the world, and are one of a kind.

BETTER TO USE TWO SPEAKERS AS CENTER CHANNEL! In every movie theater around the world, according to DOLBY LABORATORIES REGULTIONS, the picture screen is made of transparent to sound material. That is because the sound should come from the center of the screen in order to create the perfect sound field for the viewers. To achieve that, designers place the speakers which plays the center channel directly behind the center of the screen. At home this is not possible due to the non-transparent nature of your TV.

Now, when two speakers sound the same like in MONO, the sound will appear to be coming from the exact point between them. So, when placing two speakers up and down of the TV screen or on the left and right side of it and they sound the same like in MONO, the sound will appear as if it is coming out from the center of the TV screen. When using a 65 screen, when placed below the TV screen, the center speaker is placed some 70-80 cm from the center of the screen. With 75" or 85" TV screens it can be even 1.2 meters. That is much too far and the solution is what I recommended earlier. Do not forget from whom you first heard of this solution.

Not only the sound will come from the correct point on the screen, the center channel now coming from two speakers will sound much bigger and full. To get back the equalization between the front L/R and center sound level, you will have to enter the test mode in your system and lower a bit the center channel volume in order to get the same sound levels. When using our IW-LCR-NF-2650-AT as left and right speakers, you can use two of the smaller and lower in cost model IW-LCR-NF-2525- AT. This will save you some of the extra speaker cost.

The electrical connection is very simple, you connect one of the center speakers directly to the amp' output and then one speaker to the other one (plus to plus, minus to minus) thus creating a parallel connection. That is how simple it is and the rewarding performance are great for the rest of the time. M Audio's recessed speakers.

For decades, I have imported recessed speakers of the following brands to Israel: NILES AUDIO, POLK AUDIO, PARADIGM, DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY, CANTON ad more. Needless to say, sale prices were derived from the brand name, its reputation, and the sporadic pricing of its owners. Over the years, while visiting major audio shows around the world, I noticed that the design of the speakers seemed like a replica. It was as if all of them came out of the same factory. After decades of experience, I can reveal the secrets of recessed speakers and how can you use those insights to your advantage. Since all international companies turn to factories in China for the production of their speakers, the need to streamline and reduce prices emerged.

The Chinese, therefore, constructed factories that dealt exclusively with manufacturing the plastic structure of the loudspeaker (molds and injections), that improved dramatically over the years, and the metal mesh (grill) cover that sealed them and provided the final speaker manufacturers with the external structure. The same goes for the frequency filter manufacturers and the loudspeaker manufacturers themselves. All a Chinese entrepreneur needed to do in order to initiate a product line of the highly demanded recessed speakers of that time was to collect, assemble, display, and receive orders. I found myself such a Chinese entrepreneur who was and still is a speaker woofers, tweeters, etc. AUDIO's recessed speakers in Israel through quite a few stores.

Reliability is 100%, the audio comparisons made in speaker shops versus speakers from other brands have been fantastic in favor of my line, no matter the price. The speakers I designed and manufactured in China produced an amazing sound, looked wonderful, and their price was more than just attractive. So how can you enjoy all of this? Recently, due to the significant change in consumer products marketing, I made the decision to skip the retail sector in Israel and market the speakers directly to you. The cut in profit margin leads L. AUDIO's cost/benefit comparison towards a winning product rank. Joined here are a datasheet, and images for your review. You can listen to my speakers on display in a way that does not exist anywhere in the country. Immediate supply from existing inventory. How important is your amplifier. Loudspeakers does not stand alone. They are always driven by an amplifier. How to understand the importance of the amp' in simple words. Let's think of a 1 inch diameter water pipe that has a pressure of 100PSI and measure how much water will flow through it within 1 second. Now, do the same with a 10 inch water pipe that has 25PSI only. The much larger lower pressure water pipe will deliver 28.5 times more water taking in account one quarter pressure level. Speakers live from the amount of water (current in amperes) not pressure (power in watts). Most manufacturers of popular audio brands specify the power (pressure) but never the current as it is impossible to make a good amp' that will deliver high enough current and will cost reasonable consumer price. Check Hi End amp's specification sheet to find out about the current data.

Many more specifications are missing from the low cost data sheets like "rise time" and "damping factor" but this is not the time to start a lecture. In the past and still today, the weight (Kgm/pound) of a class A/B amp' can tell you much about how big is it's power supply.

(The weight of the transformer). The newly design of class D amps does not need a heavy transformer in order to deliver high power but still does not match the A/B design in dynamics and sound quality. This will improve over the years. Use the best class A/B amp you can get (the heaviest) that has the most advanced internet inputs that will match the new world communication. I only have 45 years of experience in this field. All of our listings and their contents are vetted & approved by our own as well as our upstream distributor's legal departments. We take extreme care to not violate any trademarks or copyrights and assure that our listings are not in any violation. If a VERO complaint is filed against our listing we will file a counter-notice and should any damages occur based on the false VERO claim we will be forced to seek compensatory as well as punitive damages. This item is in the category "Sound & Vision\Home Audio & HiFi Separates\Speakers & Subwoofers". The seller is "es_items" and is located in this country: IL. This item can be shipped to all countries in Europe.
  1. Audio Inputs: Bare speaker wire
  2. Brand: L. Audio
  3. Connectivity: Wired
  4. Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years
  5. Model: IW-NF-2525-AT
  6. RMS Power: 20-120 RMS
  7. System Configuration: 5.0 Channel
  8. Type: In-Wall Speaker

In-Wall Stereo Audio Home Theater Speaker 2-way 2X5.25 Wooers+Rotating Tweeter   In-Wall Stereo Audio Home Theater Speaker 2-way 2X5.25 Wooers+Rotating Tweeter